7 Gym Bag Essentials



Source: Google
Ready to go sweat it out at the gym? Don’t forget these gym bag must-haves for your next workout.
Custom Playlist Source: Pinterest
Whether you need some heart-pumping dance music for your run or an indie-infusion mix for your yoga routine, create custom playlists for each workout to maximize each gym session.
Extra Hair Ties Source: Getty Images
Ever get to the gym and you forget a hair tie? That will remind you to pack an extra set of hair ties in the future.
Makeup Remover Source: Neutrogena
If you’re heading to the gym straight from the office, bring some make-up remover wipes to avoid the dreaded raccoon eye.
Deodorant Source: Dove
No one likes a stinky gym partner. Pack a travel size deodorant in your gym bag just in case you forget to apply prior to your workout.
Flip-Flops Source: ThinkStock
Be sure to pack a pair of flip-flops or shower shoes if you plan on showering after your workout. No matter how clean your gym locker room may appear, better safe than sorry.
Water Bottle Source: Google
Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! Don’t forget to bring a water bottle to ensure you stay hydrated.
Healthy Snacks Source: Google
It’s important to keep healthy snacks such as protein bites on hand after your workout. This will help keep you on track with your diet goals and keep you energized after your gym session.