Why Ugg Boots May Be Detrimental to Your Health



Source: Wikimedia Commons
It’s boot season again and with temperatures across many parts of the U.S. dropping rapidly many are pulling out their soft, cozy Ugg boots.
But a top Orthopedic Surgeon is warning soft boots, such as Uggs, can lead to bad posture, knee pain and even back pain.

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Ian McDermott, an Orthopedic Surgeon in London, said the comfy, fleece-lined boots do not offer “enough support” and could cause serious knee injuries.
“Unsculpted and flimsy footwear can mean that your feet aren’t fixed in one location as you walk, meaning that the lower limb is working harder, with a greater risk of damage,” McDermott explained. “If someone is born with an inherently poor structure or with poor alignment then wears a poorly supported pair of shoes or boots, this can exacerbate the whole issue and this can then end up being the final straw that pushes them into developing symptoms and actual orthopedic problems.” “Listen to your body,” McDermott advises. “And make sure to not wear flimsy boots every day.”