Tyler Perry Saves Couple Stranded in Mexico After Medical Emergency

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Source: Getty Images

Tyler Perry came to the rescue of an Atlanta couple after they were hit with a $14,000 medical bill that left them unable to leave a Mexican hospital.

According to TMZ, Tori Austin and her fiancé, Stephen Johnson, were on a cruise when Johnson suddenly took ill. He was transported to a hospital in Progreso, Mexico where he was diagnosed with diabetes, pancreatitis, and a kidney infection. Near death, Johnson was treated with dialysis and other medical procedures to save him – however, it came at a financial cost.

Following treatment, the couple was reportedly handed a medical bill for $14,000 and, according to TMZ, were told they could not leave the hospital until the bill was paid in full.

Family and friends rallied around to try and raise the funds through a GoFundMe page, which somehow Tyler Perry found out about.

The generous star immediately reached out to help the stranded couple and has wired the funds to the hospital to cover Johnson’s medical bill in full.

Johnson will be discharged from the hospital on Tuesday and will fly home to Atlanta. Austin revealed Perry even offered to pay for their travel expenses home!