This is the Most Hated Holiday Gift



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When it comes to gift-giving some people are easy to buy for and others are just plain difficult, which makes buying presents really hard.
While it may seem easier to just grab some random item from the store, a new survey from Vistaprint advises against gifting generic items – and when it comes to receiving gifts there’s one item that tops the list for the most hated holiday present.
According to Best Life, a new survey from Vistaprint has revealed most people, including the super picky recipients in your life, prefer receiving personalized items such as clothing, photo books and kitchenware – gifts that show a little thought.
When it comes to the worst gifts, Best Life reveals the survey showed anonymous-feeling gifts are the most hated, with a whopping 60 percent of recipients revealing they had regifted generic gifts in the past.
According to Best Life, these are the most unpopular holiday gifts – and the most likely to be regifted!
#5 Box of Chocolates – Vistaprint’s survey found that 29 percent of people would likely regift a box of chocolates.
#4 Beauty Gift Sets – 30 percent of those surveyed reported they would regift any beauty sets they receive.
#3 Scented Candles – let’s face it, scents are highly personal so it’s no wonder Vistaprint found 32 percent of those surveyed revealed they would regift a scented candle.
#2 Body Care Products – 33 percent would regift body care products.
#1 Picture Frames – according to Vistaprint literally no one wants a picture frame. This gift came in at number one on the most hated list with Best Life reporting 34 percent would regift a picture frame they received as a holiday gift.