This is the Best Brand of Frozen Texas Toast



Source: Walmart

Looking for the perfect frozen Texas Toast to accompany your favorite bowl of pasta? The folks at Taste of Home delved into the freezer aisle to test the six most popular brands of Texas Toast to help you stock your freezer with the best of the best.

Taste of Home sampled six different brands of Texas Toast: Pepperidge Farm, Cole’s, New York Bakery, Joseph Campione, Walmart’s Great Value brand, and Target’s Market Pantry brand.

The Texas Toast was cooked per the package instructions and Taste of Home testers rated the brands on flavor, texture, and appearance. Here’s what they found:

Most Homemade Looking

This accolade went to Walmart’s Great Value brand with Taste of Home revealing, “Not only did this toast boast actual butter flavor, the garlic was mild but tasted very real and not overly processed to our testers. The crust was nice and crisp while the center of the bread remained fairly soft. Simply put, this Walmart house brand delivered on a lot of levels.”

Best for Garlic Lovers

Do you love a lot of garlic taste on your Texas Toast? Taste of Home says New York Bakery Texas Toast will deliver real garlic taste.

“This brand is also made without preservatives or artificial flavors, so everything you’re tasting is the real deal. Our testing squad also appreciated the other Italian flavors on this bread. These little extras can take a product from ho-hum to yum,” Taste of Home shared but were quick to add, “New York Bakery’s Texas toast didn’t bake up as crisply as our kitchen staff hoped, but you can solve that at home by keeping these slices of toast in the oven for an extra minute or two.”


Pepperidge Farm Texas Toast wowed the Taste of Home testers with its extra crispy texture, making it the perfect toast to scoop up all that delicious pasta sauce. Taste of Home also suggested using Pepperidge Farm Texas Toast as a base for mini pizzas and other appetizers.

Best Bread

The Taste of Home testers found that Target’s own brand – Market Pantry Garlic Texas Toast – had the best bread base, revealing, “It had just the right texture: soft but still chewy. This is a feat since bread can often dry out in the freezer. The taste-testing crew did want a little extra garlic taste, but if you’re craving extra flavor here, add a sprinkle of your favorite Italian herbs and seasonings and the problem is solved.”