This Banana Bread Concoction is the Newest TikTok Trend for 2021!



Source: Shutterstock
How does banana bread grilled cheese sound? If the idea leaves you salivating you’re not alone. Welcome to the newest banana bread trend for 2021!
According to Southern Living, TikTok user @thepalatablelife brought the delicious, yet perplexing sounding combination to the attention of viewers around the globe and to be honest it really does look delicious.

i’m shook it’s so good ##dontbesuspicious ##bananabread ##grilledcheese ##cheese

♬ Don’t be suspicious – io non so
Here’s the trick – instead of the traditional grilled cheese which sees American cheese slices melted between two slices of bread, @thepalatablelife’s creation uses soft brie cheese instead and coats the outer slices of the banana bread with butter before skillet toasting up the tasty treat.
Southern Living also recommends replacing the brie cheese with cream cheese for a variation on @thepalatablelife’s version.