The Trick to the Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich

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Nothing says comfort food like a perfectly grilled cheese sandwich – and cookbook author Elizabeth Karmel has a few tricks up her sleeves to help you cook the ultimate tasty treat.

According to the Associated Press, Elizabeth Karmel reveals her tricks include incorporating the best melted cheese, using a specific type of bread and employing two different cooking techniques.

Karmel reveals she always uses two slices of American cheese, for that awesome melt factor, but will sandwich in a different type of cheese in between the two slices of American cheese.

“I use one slice of American cheese, aka melty cheese, on each side to hold everything together and then add a thick slice of whatever cheese I have on hand,” Karmel shared with the Associated Press. “It is usually Muenster, Swiss or sharp cheddar — but you can even use pimento cheese if it doesn’t have too much mayo in it.”

Karmel also chooses her bread wisely, preferring a sturdy white bread such as Pepperidge Farm original white, which she uses frozen to help slow down burning and keep the structure of the sandwich intact.

Instead of buttering the bread, Karme reveals she instead melts butter in the pan.

“So instead of spreading the bread with butter or mayo, I took a note from the drugstore griddle and put a small bit of butter in the pan,” Karmel told the AP. “Once it was melted, I swirled the bread in the butter, adding a thin coat to one side of the bread. I removed one piece of bread, stacked the cheese on the other, and then topped it with the first slice — butter-side out.”

Karmel also doesn’t turn the heat higher than medium and after toasting on both sides for 1 – 2 minutes she pops the sandwich into a 350 degree oven for 2 – 4 minutes to allow the cheese to fully melt.

“Remove it from the heat, and slice on a plate or cutting board. You will have a super melty, gloriously brown and crispy grilled cheese sandwich with a buttery but not greasy crust,” Karmel promises!