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The FlyLady’s Top Tips for Banishing Germs

Source: The Fly Lady

She’s the cleaning guru with a dedicated and loyal following of housework-challenged fans around the globe and she’s just come out with a brand new book!

Over the years Marla Cilley – aka The FlyLady – has shared her cleaning wisdom via her website and several books, but her new book The C.H.A.O.S. Cure offers tips and tricks to help frazzled readers “clean your house and calm your soul in 15 minutes.”

The book is full of helpful information, but in the midst of cold and flu season there is one chapter that is particularly useful – “Germ Warfare.”

In “Germ Warfare” Cilley offers “seven simple precautions” to help minimize the spread of harmful germs.

Wash your Hands – as soon as you get home wash your hands with soap and hot water. Encourage children to do the same, while singing “Happy Birthday” from start to finish (the time needed to give hands a thorough wash).

Ditch the Communal Towel – Cilley recommends ditching the communal hand towel and investing in white washcloths which can be tossed in the laundry after each use. White towels can also be bleached, an added bonus! Cilley keeps a basket of white washcloths beside each sink with a separate small basket for dirty ones.

Use Antibacterial Wipes – keep a pack of antibacterial wipes in your purse and wipe down shopping cart handles before use. Cilley also likes to use these clothes to wipe down her car steering wheel once a week.

Your Elbow is a Tool – instead of using your hand to push open doors in public places, use your elbow instead.

Dirty Phone = Germs – Cilley advises we wipe our cell phones down each day with alcohol. Doorknobs and light switches should get the same treatment once a week.

Don’t Put Your Purse on the Floor – the bottom of our purses can be a real harbinger for germs. Try to keep your purse off the floor and wipe down the exterior once a week.

Keep a Pair of Indoor Shoes – Cilley recommends keeping a pair of shoes you wear inside only. Don’t wear your outdoor shoes indoors as they track in lots of dirt and germs.


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