The Easy Kitchen Updates Joanna Gaines Swears By

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Source: Fixer Upper

It’s called the heart of the home and for many of us our kitchens are such a busy and central hub of the house renovating them can seem like a mammoth undertaking.

But there is a quick and inexpensive update Fixer Upper star Joanna Gaines says we can all do to give our kitchens a quick facelift, without tearing out cupboards and replacing counters and backsplash.

Speaking to PureWow, Gaines revealed something as simple as updating kitchen hardware can make a huge difference in how our kitchens look.

“I think that hardware plays such a huge part in the style of a space,” Gaines shared with PureWow.

The choice of hardware can give your kitchen a noticeable overhaul – from simple, modern chrome hardware, to rounded nickel looks that impart a more traditional feel.

Joanna also swears by updating pendant lights over a breakfast bar (if you have one) and if you have ever caught an episode of Fixer Upper you’ll know what a fan she is of oversized, dramatic pendant lights.

Lastly Gaines, who recently launched a line of paint with KILZ, suggests painting old cabinets with a fresh new hue. According to PureWow, Joanna loves to play things up with cabinet color by dramatically contrasting upper, lower and island colors in timeless neutral tones.