The Cutest Animal Pals Ever



Even in the animal kingdom, friendships can be formed in the unlikeliest of places. These are the world’s cutest animal pals from an entirely different species. Enjoy these adorable animal friends that’ll give Timon and Pumbaa a run for their money. Click NEXT to start the slideshow.

Monkey and Linx

The unlikely pair, a monkey and a linx, romp around in the grass together.

Monkey and Tiger

A monkey holds its baby Siberian tiger friend, as if it’s one of its young, adorable!

Lamb and Cat

This friendly lamb cracks a smile as it snuggles up to its friend, the cat.

Cat and Baby Goat

The cat seems to be intrigued by this baby goat. They share an eskimo kiss, cuteness overload.

Lion and Dachshund

It’s pretty easy to jump to the conclusion that this little dachshund could be a snack for the lion. They would rather be friends instead.

Elephant and Lab

This elephant and lab do everything together, they love playing in the water. The lab jumps off the elephants back into the water.

Baboon and Shorthair

Not quite anything out there that can brighten your day more than seeing a German Shorthair rest up against its baboon friend.

Husky and Polar Bear

These two probably have a lot in common, being as they both love to play in the snow. They are hitting it off quite nicely we see.

Elephant and Sheep

Here is an odd duo, an elephant and a sheep. They don’t really seem to mind their differences though.

Baby Animals

Three babies wrapped up together like a little bundle. They will likely grow up together to be friends for life, hopefully.

Bearded Dragon and Cat

Anyone who has ever owned a bearded dragon, knows that they have quite the personality. They are very affectionate for coming from the amphibian world. They might even show the cat some love.

Dog and Cheetah

Nothing much to see here folks, just a dog and a cheetah engaging in some friendly wrestling around in the grass.

Puppy and Piggy

These two have no shame in their friendship. They are determined to show the world that puppies an pigs can be the best of friends.

Giraffe and Ostrich

We thought there was some type of romance going on with the way the giraffe and the ostrich were sitting in front of that pond. We see now that the giraffe is smooching on the ostrich, they may be more than friends.

TV Time

Don’t these two look cute? curled up on the couch together ready to watch their favorite program.

This Friendship Doesn’t Stink

A that wants to show the world her best friend does NOT smell and she doesn’t care what you think about it.

Nap Time

A cat holds on tight its long time companion, the rat, as they take a nice long snooze.

All Smiles!

Doggo can’t stop smiling since meeting his feathered friend. They love to play!

Keeping The Babies Warm

These pups were a little chilly, so they cosied up to the family chicken for some warmth.

Fox and Cat

An unlikely friendship, the fox and the cat, posing for the camera.

Catching a Ride

So now we know how mice make it across rivers, they wait for specialized river crossing frogs that will give them a ride to the other side.

Gullible Kitten?

It almost looks here as if the chick has influenced the kitten to get into something shes not supposed to. Possibly a big no no!

Lions and Tigers and Bears

Three top level beasts from the animal kingdom show that love is not beyond them either.

That’s Quacktastic!

It doesn’t get much better than a duck just quackin away at a dog.

Safety First!

These animal friends like to set a good example and always practice safety. When a pig rides a horse, anything could happen, so it’s always best to wear your helmet and be prepared.

Life is Hard

When you are a dog and a hedgehog laying around on the couch, the struggle is bound to be real.


A kitten, a baby bunny, a baby ducky, and a sleeping piglet with a chick standing on its head. Officially the cutest thing on the internet.

Feeding the Baby

Coming in at the 2nd cutest thing on the internet, is a dog feeding a lamb with a baby bottle.

The Tortoise and the Hippo

Who says a tortoises hard shell means that they can’t snuggle? Clearly not this baby hippo.

Sticking Together

Despite their differences, they are setting an example for duckies and owls that want to be together. Rumor has it, the owl is teaching the duck how to hoot, and the duck is teaching the owl how to quack.

Two Creepies Equal One Cute

Seeing either one of these creatures individually might make some uneasy, but since they are together and the beetle is helping the frog out with a ride, it’s super cute.

Best Buds

When a bird puts its wing around a mouse as they pose for a photo, you know they are friends for life.

The First Time They Met

As we can see from the baby kangaroos expression, this is his first time meeting doggo, and he is still unsure if he is friendly. But not to worry, they have been best friends ever since.

Winding Down For The Day

It’s official, cat and dog are going to relax together on the couch and don’t care what anyone thinks about it. Plus they both have fuzzy fur, which is even better.

Wake Up!

Chihuahua just wants to get some shut eye, but that’s kind of difficult when kitty is tugging on your ear.

Baby Tiger, Senior Dog

If you were ever unsure what it looks like when a baby tiger and a senior dog become friends, now you know.

Head Tilting Babys

Rumor has it that they were singing along to their favorite cartoon.

Like Dog Like Pig

What you are seeing here is that doggo is teaching piglet how to bark.

Staring Contest

When a baby goat and a baby monkey have a stare off, this is what it looks like.

Joining the Club

These two duckies have a secret club. The bunny wanted to join it, and they let him. Wasn’t that nice?

A Monkey Hugging a Dove

Thought you’ve seen everything? Well that might be true now that you have seen a super cute baby monkey hugging a dove.

Friends Forever

A sad story, this chihuahua was born disabled without it’s front legs. Her owners set her up with these offroad wheels, but she still did not fit in with the rest of the dogs. Her life changed when she met her best friend, Penny, a shaggy bird. They are inseparable these days.

Hyena Joined The Pack

This hyena was left orphaned when she got separated from her parents. She was taken in to a rescue, and made whole again and made friends with the tigers. Now they play every day.

Dog and Owl

When you are a dog who loves an owl it’s bound to get some attention. But that’s not always a bad thing.

More Nap Time

This baby deer showed up hungry at a families doorstep when it’s parents were taken away by hunters. The family dog was determined to make it feel welcome. We think doggo is doing a great job!

Sharing is Caring

A generous dog is a dog that will share its bone with the family bird.

A Cuddling Bird

This is a bird that loves to cuddle, especially with it’s best friend, kitty.

Getting Some Sunshine

A senior German Shorthair and it’s companion a baby deer, rest their heads on each other as they bask in the sunshine.

Hitching A Ride

These Slow Loris’s are just hitching a ride on the antlers of their good friend, the elk, as they make their way through the forest.

The Wise Kitten of the Stump

This doggo has the most un expected teacher, it is a kitty that sits on a stump in the back yard.

A Capybara and its Cat

When a loving capybara rubs up on a cat, it’s bound to be one of the cutest things anyone has ever seen. But you be the judge.

Cheetah and Dog

This cheetah is actually a personal trainer and is helping the dog to get super fit and fast. The dog was exhausted after doing some sprints and needed something to lean on. That’s entirely made up, but it’s still cute.

Rough Day

After a long hard day of barking and meowing, these two are ready for a nap.

Monkey Friend

It looks here as if the monkey is helping the tiger with something, possibly removing a sliver or got some dirt in its eye?

Seal Kiss

A dolphin smiles for the camera while it gets a kiss from a friendly seal, it doesn’t get much better than that!

A Good Place to Sit

Not too much going on here, just a chick sitting on doggos nose.

Hakuna Matata

This bird could get around by flying, but why do that when this wild boar is willing to give you a ride.

Peeka Boo

Has anyone seen the owl and the dog? Does anyone know where the owl and the dog are at? Oh! here they are, under a blanket on the couch.

Sharing Toys

This little monkey has no problem sharing its stuffed gorilla with his k-9 friend.

Telling Secrets

At first it looks like the squirrel is giving kitty a kiss, but he is actually telling a secret!

Hamster Nap

The hamster looks wide awake, and like it wants to go somewhere, but is staying still so as not to disturb its friend the cat during a nap.

This is the Spot

This cat can not get comfortable, unless it’s under it’s best friends floppy ears.

Two Bunnies and a Dog

Two bunnies that have found the perfect spot to hide, under the dog.

Pig and Donkey

Just look at how this cute little pig is leaning up against its friend the donkey and showing love.

Why So Serious?

These two want you to know that they are the ones giving the orders around here.

Penguin Hugging

Is this the same seal that was kissing that dolphin? it is now hugging a penguin, clearly this seal has a lot of love to give.

A Lion and a Fawn

When it appears an unlucky fawn has fallen prey to a fully grown male lion and will become its next meal, then you realize the lion is just giving it a bath.

Cat and Chick

It appears as though the little chick is keeping the cat company while it watches TV.

Piggy Back Ride

Doggo wants a piggy back ride from kitty, but might be a little too heavy.

Dog and Fawn

Who says a giant man eating lion is the only animal that can give a fawn some loving? This doggo can do it just as good!

We Are Shocked!

A bunny and a cat that are absolutely shocked at what they have just seen.

Hitching a Ride

If you are going to hitch a ride on a dog that small, you are probably going to have to be pretty small yourself.

Baby Pig Attack

Quick, someone save this tiger from the hoard of baby pigs attacking it!

Dog and Fish

It’s difficult to tell if doggy is giving this fish a kiss, or if the fish has clamped down on doggos tounge.

Bath Time!

Puppy was feeling a bit insecure during bath time, so dad hopped in and now everything is okay!

Backwards Horse Riding

The horse has no problem with the beagle hitching a ride backwards, and neither do we.

Giraffe and Ostrich

These two must think they have something in common, both having long necks and all. A giraffe its ostrich friend, sharing a moment by the pond.

Dog and Chicken

See that serious face? Doggo wants to know who was saying negative things about his friend, the chicken. He has a bone to pick with you!

Duck and Lamb

Duck and lamb sounds like something that people with have for dinner, but in this case, it’s something that is super cute on the internet.

Dog and Goat

A loyal dog and a cute baby goat is all you will ever need in life.