Shoebox Containing $23,000 Accidentally Recycled



Source: NBC courtesy of Recology

A shoebox containing $23,000 in cash was accidentally sent to a recycling center hours away from its home – but fortunately, the owner was able to get it back in the nick of time!

According to NBC, an Oregon man placed an urgent call to the Recology recycling center in Humboldt County, California to say a family member had accidentally sent the shoebox to be recycled.

Fortunately for the man, a worker at the recycling plant discovered the money while he was pulling cardboard off the line and was able to retrieve the cash before it went through the chopper.

According to Linda Wise, general manager of the recycling plant, the chances of finding the box were extremely slim.

“Like a needle in a haystack,” Wise told NBC, revealing the plant receives about 100 tons of recyclable material each day.

The owner of the cash drove four hours to be reunited with his money and, once at the plant, wanted to give the employees a reward – but they refused.

According to NBC, Wise revealed her staff felt they were doing the right thing and were happy to help, but she intends to “do something nice” for her team of honest workers.