Sara Gilbert Teams Up With “Connors” Producer to Launch Company



Source: Getty Images

Former The Talk co-host and actress Sara Gilbert has started a production company alongside The Connors executive producer, Tom Werner, called sara + tom.

According to The Wrap, Gilbert – who played Darlene on Roseanne and now on The Conners, recently left her job as co-host on The Talk after nine years, revealing there were new opportunities she wanted to pursue.

Werner, who co-founded the Carsey-Werner Company alongside Marcy Carsey, is best known for producing shows such as Roseanne and The Cosby Show. Under Werner Entertainment he brought us The Conners.

“I am thrilled to be working with someone as kind and brilliant as Tom,” The Wrap report Gilbert as saying. “When I was a kid, he was the guy behind the scenes making it all happen. It’s truly a dream to call him my partner, and I look forward to making impactful, funny and moving content together.”

“Sara is one of the most creative people I have ever worked with. I have admired her and loved her since she came into my office and crushed the reading of the role Darlene in ‘Roseanne.’ She is as creative a talent behind the camera as in front of it. I’m grateful that she is partnering with me to create new content, and I hope the next three decades together is as fruitful as the last three,” Werner said.