Santa Claus Swims Underwater for Guests at Silverton Hotel and Casino



Santa Claus is SCUBA diving to spread Christmas cheer underwater with the help of the mermaids at the Silverton Casino Aquarium in Las Vegas. A video shared by YouTuber @thenomadicsapien shows the massive 117,000-gallon aquarium decked out with giant Christmas ornaments. One of the aquariums iconic mermaids, wearing a red top with furry white trim, dives into the tank, waving and blowing a kiss at the guests before introducing Santa. Wearing his full red suit and hat, Santa can be seen swimming among the aquariums thousands of tropical fish and waving to guests. Later, another mermaid joins him. The holiday mermaid show, which can be seen on Saturdays and Sundays, kicked off in November and runs through Christmas Eve. The Silverton Aquarium, in addition to fish, houses three species each of stingrays and sharks, according to the casinos website. The separate Mermaid Lounge hosts 500-gallon jellyfish aquariums lit with LED lights.