Rob Lowe and his Bigfoot Encounter



Source: Getty Images

Actor Rob Lowe has been recalling the time he encountered a Bigfoot-type creature whilst filming his A&E television show The Lowe Files.

The Lowe Files investigates urban myths and legends and one such investigation was to look into the existence of a Bigfoot Wood Ape in the Ozark Mountains.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly about the terrifying encounter, Rob revealed, “I was terrified. I was lying on the ground thinking I was going to be killed.”

Rob recalled that after spending hours hiking on a remote “rugged and brutal” mountain trail, a thing believed to be the Wood Ape approached their camp at 1 a.m. Despite being surrounded by what Lowe calls “serious former military men with loaded weapons” the thing defied all orders to stop approaching.

Sadly viewers won’t get to watch Rob’s encounter with the much rumored Wood Ape until the very end of the season. They have decided to save the best – and possibly scariest episode for the season finale of The Lowe Files!