Relatable Wedding Moments We Know Too Well



Your wedding day is one of the most important of your whole life, and a lot of planning and preparation goes into making sure the day is as perfect as possible and nothing goes wrong. But spoiler alert – it will. Regardless of how hard you try, you have to go with the flow and embrace the circumstances.
However, a positive aspect is that you and guests are bound to laugh at these memories in the future. And it’s understandable that an event so complex usually has its challenges. For these unlucky couples, the craziest moments live on forever because they were caught on camera. Enjoy a good laugh at these wedding mishaps.

A Less-Than-Sturdy Wooden Dock

Smiling and standing still is the easy part. As for the dock itself, that is another story. This wedding entourage learned that we should be more careful when shooting at a wooden dock. Here, we can see the look of regret in the faces of bridesmaids and groomsmen.
At least the guys are trying to rescue their counterparts. It is not their fault that they fell in. These things happen, after all. We do hope that the bride’s wedding dress wasn’t ruined.

Catwalk Catastrophe

Here’s a feline that knows when to flaunt its assets. For what it’s worth, the bride and the groom look very much in love in the background. This cat just stole the show. The cat seemed to time its entrance perfectly.
That looking-over-the-shoulder pose is just something you can’t teach. Its tail looks just as fierce. Perhaps it didn’t get the memo that this was supposed to be a wedding pictorial. Still, this shot should make it to the wedding album.

Cry Me A River

On paper, shooting wedding photos at the dock is a romantic idea. It is especially great when you can get the dock to cooperate. In this situation though, it didn’t. We see this wedding entourage at the exact moment they knew they were going to get soaked.
Apparently, the dock couldn’t carry the weight of the entire wedding. Yes, they feel the pressure, too. The entourage just couldn’t do anything about it, except for maybe the two ladies sprinting for the shore.

A Mother-In-Law Who Ran Into Her Ex-Spouse

Keira Agostinho’s mother-in-law is not exactly on the best terms with her ex-husband. But for weddings, personal grudges should be set aside, right? Apparently, not. The bride posted this photo on her Instagram account.
It features her mother-in-law doing her best to not hide her disdain for her ex. Agostinho says that the groom’s mom is “very sweet by nature.” Of course, we are not saying she is not. But things are a different story when it comes to former spouses.

A Man Who Didn’t Get The Dress Code

When we are invited to weddings, we usually get the dress code a few weeks in advance. However, there are just some people who don’t want to go by the rules. Just like the man on the left. He just wants to watch the world burn.
Seen here is a lovely couple talking to some guests and photographers. The topless man behind them must have wanted to congratulate the newlyweds, as well. Maybe he took his shirt off because of the excitement?

An Intimate Moment Caught On Camera

We should never leave out our pets on our special day. They are just as much a part of the family as any other relative. But maybe next time try to walk the dog first before the actual wedding pictorial?
Seen here is a couple, just as embarrassed as the dog, during their wedding photoshoot. Even the dog looked away from the camera in this one. This is a very intimate moment, after all—for both the couple and the dog.

Break-Dancing Groomsman

Again, those wooden docks are not your friend. In this photo, one of the groomsmen is seen break dancing on the side. It is not like he chose to. He is just trying his best not to slip. It is a noble effort from him, too.
While the other members of the entourage are smiling and striking a pose, he is hanging on for dear life. When you pit man against the dock, the dock is going to win eight times out of ten.

I Write Sins, Not Tragedies

This reminds us of the old Panic! At The Disco song, I Write Sins Not Tragedies. Yes, it is a poor shame that the groom’s bride is a horse (or something like that). Here we can see a man walking his horse down the aisle.
It is unclear if he is marrying the creature or just giving her away to the husband-to-be. The effort it took just to put that dress on the horse is an accomplishment in itself. Props to the lady in the back making sure the dress doesn’t get dirty.

A Best Man’s Goodbye

When our best friends marry, it is easy to assume that things are going to change. That late-night drink-a-thons aren’t going to happen as often as they used to. No more wingman-ing, too. Most of the time, they are probably going to say “no” to us when we ask them out.
In this photo, the best man knows that he is going to miss the old times. Now, instead of drinking on a Thursday night, they might want to schedule a barbecue on Sunday afternoon.

An Extra-Supportive Bridesmaid

Sometimes, it feels weird to see a close pal tying the knot. It kind of forces people to think about their own life choices. While all our friends are getting married, here we are, like this bridesmaid here, being supportive.
The woman just wants to make sure that the veil doesn’t touch the ground. She is just being happy for her gal pal, after all. The look of confusion on the husband’s face is just the icing on the cake.

A Priceless Photo Of A Sleepy Guest

Hey, little man, we don’t blame you. Wedding ceremonies can be exhausting. All those hours of preparation warrant a good nap time. This is just a reminder that kids have a very different way of celebrating during these events.
He might have just been conserving energy for the reception. Fortunately, the photographer didn’t wake him up. The boy looks too comfortable. That is the kind of sleep that you do not disturb. You definitely don’t want to have a cranky kid at a wedding.

Now, Kiss

The pinnacle of a wedding will always be the moment the bride and groom finally kiss as husband and wife. That is why you come to these things. It is something else to watch two people officially become one.
In this shot, we can see an old lady sandwiched between the bride and groom. She looks like someone who has been waiting for this kiss her entire life. The woman looks even more into it than the couple themselves. That is a look of satisfaction that is hard to replicate.

Our Guy Actually Did It, Fellas

Yes, gentlemen, he has done it. Believe it or not, your main guy is about to get married. Wedding images of engagement rings usually depict happy women with friends who are just as excited for them. In this photo, we can see that guys can be happy for their engaged friends, too.
These things do not always have to be serious or romantic. Hey, as long as your friends are there, you can celebrate any way you like! Grooms-to-be, this is definitely a wedding photo idea you should consider.

Never Too Early To Have Your First Martial Sword Fight

Listen, sooner or later, the fights and petty marital arguments are going to come. So enjoy your special day for what it is. Some people like traditional wedding photos while others like to have a little more fun with theirs. Just like this couple right here.
Now, these two look like a duo who knows how to have fun. You can’t go wrong with a good, old-fashioned sword fight. The good thing is that this pair looks like they know how to wield swords.

Business In The Front, Party In The Back

Yes, weddings are mostly known for being solemn ceremonies. When you are in front of family, you tend to be a little bit more formal with the way you act. But as soon as the ceremony is done, the fun begins.
For this couple, they sure know how to go into party mode. This is perfect for those beach weddings we all fantasize about. After exchanging vows, just come on down the waters. Do not worry. This has been noted.

This Kid Knows What’s Up

You may think you are cool, but you will never be this level of cool. Sunglasses are the perfect piece to complement any attire. This wedding photo looks like they were all on the same page, except for maybe this kid. He just blocked a potential photo album shot to strike a pose.
The boy definitely knows how to work the camera. Best of all, he doesn’t care about all the groomsmen in the back. We can’t blame him though. Guys will always remember the first time they wore a tuxedo. And this kid will always remember his.

We Feel You, Sweetie

Weddings days tend to get very emotional for everyone involved. Our parents are bound to shed a few tears and our friends will probably bring out some tissues just in case. It is also normal to see the bride and groom cry, as well.
It is all part of the weight of the moment. And this little girl feels the gravity of the situation. She is just like the rest of us, okay? It is okay to cry, honey. We know how you feel.

Groomsmen Want Cute Photos, Too

Who says that groomsmen don’t want flowers? Has anyone actually ever asked one of them? Flowers are traditionally brought by the bridesmaids. Grooms just show up dressed. For these guys, they took matters into their own hands.
If nobody wants you to have cute photos, you should just do them yourself. These groomsmen know how to own the bouquet and tuxedo look. In fact, more weddings should do this. It’s high time to break the rules and let men hold flowers, too!

Nothing Beats Football Season

There are only a few things that are more important than football. Not even weddings are safe from the sport. When it comes to wedding photos, we are always encouraged to get creative. You only get a few of these things, after all.
You just know that these guys are hardcore football fans. The only questions left to answer are who has the ball and who is going to win? Hopefully, no real games were played while they were shooting this.

A Picture-Perfect Photo Bomber

When you take your wedding photos, just make sure that no wedding crashers ruin the shots. This couple just found this out the hard way. Now, this is why you don’t take photos at a public park.
While we’re sure that this was done in good fun, nobody probably expected a middle-aged man at the center of their photo. To make matters worse, everyone looks like they already got their poses just right. We hope they still got the perfect picture though.

No Bad Time For Nagging

When our partners do nag, they likely mean well. They either know you can be better than what you are showing or that you just need to hear what they need to say. Nobody is ever safe from nagging. Yes, even on your wedding day..
Just take this guy for example. He doesn’t want to hear it, okay? It seems like it was done in good faith though. The wife is laughing, after all. Well, maybe there is a different tone waiting for him after the ceremony

He Couldn’t Tell The Difference

Apart from the ring, the wedding garter is arguably the final piece that makes women feel like a true bride. Just like the dress and the veil, it is all about feeling beautiful on the happiest day of your life.
And it is good fun for the groom, as well. The bride here must have thought it would be funny to put her father-in-law in. For some reason, the poor guy in the blindfold can’t tell the difference. We can’t imagine what his reaction must have been when he took off the blindfold.

Being There For Your Buddy

Any real friend knows how important his buddy’s wedding is. They want to be there for them on their big day because it feels right to see them tie the knot. Here we have a fella who knows how to express his emotions.
This is one way to celebrate your best friend getting married. Wedding pranks just mean more when your friend is in on it. Luckily, the groom here had a good sense of humor about the whole ordeal.

An Elegant Shot And An Innocent Kid

Wedding photographers and videographers arguably have the most difficult task during weddings. They find the right angles for images and footage for the photo albums and same-day edits. Most of the time, they get these while documenting reactions from the crowd.
This is why they don’t really stop and chat during the celebration. Still, this photographer thought he had the perfect photo. As it turns out, the child apparently did something only children do. She picked her nose. Better luck next time, dear photographer.

A Surprise Father-Daughter Wedding Dance

For father-daughter wedding dances, they usually are pretty solemn. These are some of the only times that fathers can get emotional in public and be happy with it. It is a real feel-good moment, to say the least.
But for some father-daughter duos, they don’t want that kind of dance. They even find those ceremonial performances quite boring. These two right here choreographed their own dance number. Yes, breakdancing can be just as great. Just look at the father and his daughter!

Another Cake Prank

The second act of the glorious cake cutting ceremony is for the bride and groom to feed each other the first bite of the wedding cake. To some couples, it is as important as any other segment of the celebration.
For the bride in this wedding, she decided to have a little fun with her new husband. The guy fed the priest instead. Well, he does get points for giving Father a slice. Let’s just assume the cake was good.

Groomsmen Bringing Sexy Back

You know you guys have a great bond when you can collectively bring sexy back in just one image. These friends decided they didn’t want one of those stiff, formal wedding photos. They wanted something fresh and funny to look back on.
That is why they opted for a more loose way of celebrating the moment. Here we have the groom and his groomsmen with their matching tones and eccentric socks. Kudos to them for striking great poses. Top that, bridesmaids!

Superhero Wedding Crashers

Remember that, when you book a venue, just make sure that no other party is going on in other rooms. Having simultaneous celebrations in one place is not exactly ideal, especially if one of those occasions is a wedding.
This couple might live to regret getting married while some iconic comic book heroes gather in the background. Well, at least they liked it though. Maybe they were huge fans, too, you know? If that was the case, then they probably had a blast.

A Friendly Power Grab

Attention to all men and their guy friends: When one of you gets married, please do not assume that you are losing a bro. Your bro is just getting hitched, okay? Just be happy for him. In all likelihood, he is actually thrilled to be with the right person.
A wife is not here to take her husband away from his best buddies. So you can keep grabbing him all you want. You can even do it after the wedding, too.

The Extra Slice Of Pie Last Night

The bride-to-be has a lot of responsibilities on her plate. From choosing the dress to finding the right bridesmaids, weddings are hard for the bride, too. On the big day itself, anything can happen. This includes some fitting struggles.
When you choose a dress, make sure to pick one that you know is going to fit you comfortably, before and after a good meal. You don’t want to end up like this bride here. Lucky for her, her friends are there to help her out a bit.

Cheers To The Newlyweds

This is one way to toast to the newlyweds. We can see here that beer throwing is now apparently a thing. Maybe the guy is starting some new tradition and this is the first time anyone has ever seen it. When you look at the man’s face, you can see the immediate regret though.
What did he expect? Was he only supposed to throw a few ounces? Whatever his intentions are, let’s just assume that he meant well. That dress was probably soaked.

One Big Happy Family

Kids, you got to love them. In this nuptial photo, we can see a family trying to stay still for the camera. The operative word here is “try.” When you have ten different kids throwing a fit, you are probably not going to have the photoshoot you envisioned.
Some are bored and some are crying. In times like this, you can’t really do much. You just have to laugh it off and hope everyone settles down. Best of luck to this couple.

Blame It On The Alcohol

When the story is just too juicy, you sometimes forget that you are supposed to be pouring the drinks. The bridesmaid must have had a little too much to drink here. She just missed the glass by an inch. The other woman’s reaction says it all.
Of course, the wedding photographer was not going to stop her either. Admittedly, this is a pretty hilarious shot. This should be a lesson to us all: when you’re pouring expensive champagne, be sure that people are actually drinking it.

A Little Slice Of Disaster

Here we have another crazy cake fail. We are guessing that the two were just about to cut the cake. While the groom was bracing for impact, the bride was just shocked. The couple shouldn’t feel that bad though.
They aren’t the first husband and wife to watch a cake fall right before their eyes. Well, maybe doing it on your wedding day is a much bigger deal. Here’s to hoping that the guests still had a taste of the other desserts.

Being Happy For Your Friends

The best kind of congratulations are the ones that are usually reserved for private conversations. That is why it is pretty cool to see this photo here. The camera caught the best man and the groom, as well as the bride and her bridesmaid, showing how proud they are of their friends.
Your real friends will never leave you hanging, especially on your big day. This was likely taken during the reception. We are sure they had a blast later that evening.

Always Daddy’s Girl

Yes, fathers are protective. They have every right to be. But sometimes, they do get out of line. What we mean by this is that there are fathers who actually bring rifles to weddings just to scare their sons-in-law. We feel bad for the groom.
However, we understand where the dad is coming from. It is never easy to give your daughter away to someone. At least we can say he has good intentions. We cannot imagine what the groom must have felt when he saw the gun.

Never Bring Your Kids To The Dressing Room

The things that go on behind the scenes are not suitable for young kids. Actually, if you think about it, a lot of things during a wedding are reserved for adults, from getting wasted to finding some crazy flings.
This bride here knows it. Of course, this is a photoshoot that exaggerates a little bit. Nevertheless, it got the message across. Never bring your young girls into the bridesmaids’ dressing room. You never know the things that go on inside that room.

Oh No, Uncle Joe

Somebody forgot to tell their grandfather to sit down. Here we have an old man who apparently thought it would be a great idea to cross the aisle. Yes, he didn’t stop for a second to think that the ceremony was already starting. Anyway, what can you do?
You can see from the bride’s reaction that she isn’t too pleased with the situation. The man literally stepped on her dress on her special day in front of all the guests. This is why we hesitate when we think about inviting Uncle Joe.

Horses Are Such Mysterious Creatures

Add this to the long list of wedding fails that involve horses. It is not that horses are bad. This is entirely the opposite. They are some of the most majestic animals on the land. That is why we use them for nuptial shoots and the like.
Put a horn on his forehead and you have yourself a unicorn. This bride here even thought that it would be great if she rode one through the river. Sadly, she didn’t take into account how difficult it is to ride a horse in a wedding gown.

A Gold Dress On The Dance Floor

First of all, we just hope this woman is all right. Landing face-first into the cold, cold floor must have been rough. Second, a drunken guest is nothing new at wedding receptions. They do make for some hilarious entertainment at times, too.
Drunk guests don’t mean to take the attention away from the newlyweds. They just do. Of course, nobody can get mad at an intoxicated lady in a gold dress on the dance floor. They will probably be talking about this for a long, long time.

Deer Lord

Photobombers can make the best subjects sometimes. They don’t even need to be humans, too. Such is the case for these two creatures. These deer look like they know how important the shot is. There is never a bad time for a stag party, after all.
Meanwhile, the couple in the background have no idea what is going on. For the photographer, however, it is pretty hard to dismiss such a great shot. How often do deer do this anyway?

Peace Out, Newlyweds

This is another case of the randomness of wedding photoshoots. We assume that this couple was hoping to get a shot of them walking through a sea of people. You can never go wrong with a road-crossing motif.
However, don’t be surprised when that one guy on a bike decides to flash a peace sign in the shot. The guy gets points though for looking calm and cool as if the whole thing was planned. By the looks of it, the couple wasn’t bothered by it.

Dazed And Confused

Confetti is just as important in wedding celebrations as flowers, rice, and cake. They symbolize fertility and prosperity. Of course, it isn’t for everyone though. The groom was caught with this priceless faceless expression on camera.
It is either he has no idea that this is a tradition or he just hates confetti in general. He must have forgotten something at home. Maybe he left the stove on and forgot! Still, it is great to see the bride this happy.

Some Unexpected Subjects

By now, we can safely assume that your own wedding photo has an eight out of ten chance of getting photobombed. The bride here was definitely ready for her nuptial photoshoot. Alas, like many other ready brides and grooms, the unexpected gets them in the end.
Here we can see a shirtless gatecrasher and a little kid. Fortunately, the clear blue skies are there to brighten up people’s days. Because the bride definitely could’ve used a little sunshine on that day.

Timmy Is Getting Bored

Wedding photoshoots are grueling. They sometimes take hours to finish. And for kids, these things can be a drag. They don’t really have anything else to do other than stay still. This is probably the hardest task of all for then.
When a child is in the mood, nobody can really do anything about it, not even a professional photographer. Here we have a boy just playing with the garter of his pants. Don’t worry, Timmy, it will all be over soon.

Runaway With Me

Bridesmaids probably have the third busiest job during a marriage ceremony. These ladies are there to make sure the bride is happy. That is why they are all over the place, just like this woman right here. She definitely knows what she did.
We have to acknowledge how she tried her best to get out of the shot. She just wasn’t quick enough. Suffice to say, this is just a hilarious wholesome photo. This is a wedding day highlight that will be talked about for ages.

You Can Never Have Too Many Dogs

Whether this was done on purpose or a glorious coincidence, this photo is filed under the coolest wedding photos ever. Come on, just to have all those dogs cross that lane at that exact moment is truly remarkable. At least they were ready for a surprise pictorial.
Of all the photobombs on this list, this is the one we like the most. We can’t be mad, after all. These furry creatures had no idea they were crashing a wedding photo. They appear to be off somewhere, too. Maybe the couple photobombed the dogs?

Chillin’ Like A Villain

It’s amazing to see a family in sync for wedding photos. The groomsmen and bridesmaids are still while the kids are… wait, what are you doing, Daryl? We can already see the other children standing upright and being good kids. But Daryl had other plans.
As an adult, Daryl Manese now realizes that he ruined a great shot. He wrote: Now an adult himself, Daryl Manese feels a little embarrassed about what he did. He wrote: “Yes, I’m that jerk kid lying on the floor because I did not want to take anymore damn photos.”

Cowboy Boots Are His Thing

Hey, we are not here to shame anyone’s preferences, okay? Maybe the bride and groom are just into cowboy boots or something. We are pretty sure that this is not supposed to be caught on camera. Hey, the couple does look like they’re having a good time.
Whether he’s dancing or trying to rack up some style points for later, the woman definitely saw the humor in it. It’s always these unscripted moments that give us the best Wedding shots.

A Wedding Photographer Getting His Revenge

In yet another case of epic photobombing, we can see shirtless men jogging through a wedding photo. The entourage does not look too pleased. You can actually see the groom’s unhappy face. Well, at least the bride found it hilarious.
Wedding photographer Ben Lau was powerless against these careless joggers. He definitely wanted revenge. Lau posted on his Instagram: “New rule (that I made up just now): If you want to photobomb our photoshoot, I’m going to make you famous.”

Your Biggest Fan

For the most part, destination weddings are fun. It is basically a vacation and a wedding wrapped up in one place. Usually, we see these things take place in tropical countries. They sound pretty fun and chill, too.
But sometimes, the weather can be too hot to handle. Here we have a bridesmaid in Mexico trying to cool off. We can see here that she hoarded the electric fan. Safe to say, she was sweating in all the wrong places.

Strolling Downtown

Again, this is a warning to anyone who is thinking about taking their wedding pictures in public places. Pavements might be harmless on paper but you never know who might show up in your photo.
Photographers can control their subjects all they want, but they are unlikely to control a woman and her baby making their way downtown. You can really see the remorse on the mother’s face as soon as she passed by. She tried to get out of there as quickly as she could.

A Groom Acting Like A True Gentleman

Someone probably ate something she was not supposed to. But hey, let’s not blame the girl. Listen, it is not the flower girl’s fault that her tummy was acting up. Children in photos are as predictable as they come. These things happen.
Of course, they’re going to look back on this someday as a funny moment. We can almost feel the boys’ secondhand embarrassment. The bride found the whole situation funny, too, though. The groom was a true gentleman. That is when you know you married the right man!

A Traveling Veil

When New York City-based photographer Sascha Reinking was trying to get the shot, he probably didn’t envision the veil going to another floor. It is normal for brides to want to get photographed with the veil on. So nobody is really at fault here.
Given that the veil tangles easily, it is fairly common to see it get stuck. But this is just an entirely different predicament altogether. The veil must have wanted to be out of the photo so bad.

Where Is My Mind?

Usually, when we see wedding cake disasters, the figurine of the bride and groom get the worst of it. Apparently, this wedding just witnessed the decapitation of those toppers. Of course, we don’t have enough context to judge.
Maybe the couple thought that it would be cool to chop their heads off while cutting the cake. Children can also be culprits. Those little rascals run around like there’s no tomorrow. Hopefully, the couple didn’t let this ruin their day.

A Hot Mess

We could only assume that this lady is either drunk or something bad happened. Let’s just go with the former. Drunk bridesmaids and groomsmen are just part of how these ceremonies go. They think they can handle their alcohol.
But seriously, Mary, passing out during the ceremony? That is something else. The open bar must have opened to guests way too early. The couple didn’t even realize what was happening. This is going to be a funny distant memory soon enough.

Don’t Mess With Swans

Swans are truly beautiful creatures. They look so peaceful when they walk and swim. This photo, on the other hand, shows us that is not always the case. This woman’s pristine wedding gown just got pinched in a very sensitive area.
The swan must have been going for the bouquet of flowers. Still, the bride looks a bit shaken. We would be, too, if this happened to us. Come on, groom, defend your wife’s honor and bite that guy back!

A Jaw-Dropping Sequence

The look of horror on everyone’s face says it all. At that exact moment, everyone knew what was happening and what was going to happen. Nobody couldn’t stop it though. Judging by this camera angle, those facial expressions are as natural as they come.
The whole entourage knew what they were witnessing. Of course, we feel even worse for the photographer. That camera must have taken a pretty hard hit while snapping that picture. At least something truly authentic was captured.

Newlywed Swingers

We don’t know if this was planned or not. Still, the bride and groom look pretty happy to be sharing that swing. While some guests and photobombers can make for some hilarious wedding photos, other times it is actually the newlyweds themselves who make us laugh the most.
Hopefully, nobody got hurt. These kinds of accidents can turn bad pretty quickly. The couple doesn’t look too embarrassed though so that must be a good sign. They seem pretty happy to us.

The Look Of Pure Dread

In that moment, the bride and groom knew, they messed up. How did they get here? We are not really sure. What we do know is that the anxiety and panic on everyone’s faces are genuine. Just thinking about all those hours of cake tasting and excitement all going to waste is heartbreaking.
What makes it worse is that the couple didn’t even get to slice it together. Props to the wedding photographer for capturing the moment in just the right shot. At least the cake still exists in their memories.

Nothing Compares To That Newly-Wed Kiss

Your first kiss as newlyweds is going to be one of the highlights of the night for everyone. It marks a new chapter in your lives. Your family and friends couldn’t be any happier for you even if they tried. Well, maybe not everyone though.
Seen here is one of the groomsmen who is looking at the couple with the most disgusted look ever. Perhaps public displays of affection is not really his thing. Come on, man. Why can’t you just be excited for them?

Some Very Aquatic Guests

Our partners always remind us about inviting Uncle Joe or Nana, but never anyone cuter as these photobombers. Who doesn’t want dolphins as guests? Well, the bride and the groom here must have celebrated at a local ocean park or something.
These friendly dolphins seem like great wedding crashers. We would have wanted them to crash our wedding, as well. Maybe they just wanted to congratulate them, too. Let’s just hope those things left the pair alone during their other honeymoon festivities.

Dr. Death, Do Us Apart

We don’t really know the full story here. But whatever the details are, the person wearing the costume must have other plans that day. We are guessing that individual just woke up that day and chose death and destruction. There is no explaining how Grim Reaper himself appeared on your wedding day.
It is either the reaper meant to disturb random people or the guy specifically wanted to ruin this couple’s big day. Quit creeping people out, man. Do that on Halloween.

It’s An Emotional Day For Old Ladies

No matter how old guys get, they will always be their mother’s son. This is true for women, too. We’re not really sure who this old lady is shouting at, but we do know those are newlyweds waiting to be taken home. It’s their honeymoon, after all.
Apparently, this guest just doesn’t want to leave them alone. It sure looks like she is trying to say something important, too. Maybe she’s mad because she got tabled with that one relative she hates.