Pucker Up! Dairy Queen Launches New Sour Patch Kids Blizzard



Source: Dairy Queen
Dairy Queen’s newest Blizzard promises to bring out the kid in everyone by incorporating Sour Patch Kids into their trademark Blizzard. The limited-time-only treat hit DQ locations across the country on July 1st, with Dairy Queen revealing the concoction incorporates “all the sugary goodness of ice cream and the tangy bite of Sour Patch Bitz” for a treat that is initially tart before ending on a sweet note.
Taste testers at Delish admit they were at first a little skeptical of a Blizzard combining a “potentially tart milkshake and sour toppings.” However, after tasting the new offering they revealed, “the Sour Patch bits surprisingly aren’t that hard to chew…and the ice cream just sweet enough! In fact, we’d call it a straight-up treat!”
DQ hasn’t revealed how long the Sour Patch Kids Blizzard will be available in stores, but judging from their other limited-time Blizzards the puckery treat won’t be around for long.