Pringles Brings Back Popular Honey Mustard Flavor ‘For Good’



Pringles on Tuesday announced it is bringing back its fan-favorite Honey Mustard flavored crisps after thousands of fans to plead for their return.
Pringles Honey Mustard has an incredibly passionate fanbase, in fact it was our most asked-for flavor from the brand in the last two years2, said Mauricio Jenkins, US marketing lead for Pringles. Our die-hard fans’ efforts paid off and the delicious tangy and subtly sweet Pringles Honey Mustard crisps are returning to shelves…for good!
Pringles Honey Mustard crisps feature tangy mustard and sweet honey notes along with a blend of savory garlic and red spices.
The snack brand hinted at the flavor’s return on social media earlier this week, with a mystery canister captioned, upcoming flavor so good we have to gatekeep.
Pringles Honey Mustard crisps are now available at select retailers nationwide.
TMX contributed to this article.