Prince Harry’s Tiny Gadget That Helps Fight Jet Lag



Source: Getty Images

Currently touring the vast continent of Australia, Fiji, New Zealand and Tonga, Prince Harry needs to be well-rested and energetic as he flies to various exotic locales in the region and to help him achieve that the royal jet-setter sports a tiny gadget on his finger.

According to Travel+Leisure, Prince Harry has been spotted wearing a gadget on his right ring finger that is actually a high-tech health tracker called the Oura Ring.

Retailing for $299, the Oura Ring is constructed from titanium and tracks daily step counts and other movements, keeping track of how many times the user is active and inactive throughout the day. More importantly for world travelers the Oura Ring tracks the user’s body temperature while they sleep, comparing it to previous nights and recording variations. Oura’s website reveals the ring “Keeps track of your nightly sleep schedule: the amount and timing of sleep, REM, light sleep, and possible awake time during the night.” According to Travel+Leisure, the data can help travelers adjust their sleep schedule ahead of time to adjust to the new time zone.