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Packing a Diaper Bag – What You Need and What You Don’t!

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When you have a baby to take care of it can sometimes seem like you are carrying enough for a mini vacation. From bottles to burp cloths, diapers to first aid kits, lugging a heavy diaper bag can be a real strain for a mom who has just given birth. Here are some tips from seasoned moms over what to bring – and most importantly, what to leave at home.

Diapers and wipes: Naturally you don’t want to leave the house without diapers and wipes. Moms know blow-outs can happen anytime and anywhere. But you don’t need to pack more than you can comfortably carry. Unless you are off for a day out in some remote location, the likelihood of being able to stop at a store to purchase more diapers if you run out is pretty strong.
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Change of Clothes: Spit-ups and blow-outs are an everyday occurrence for infants. Keep a change of clothes inside a zip-lock or wet bag so you have something to stick the soiled clothes in.

Soother or Teething Ring: For calming down a cranky infant.

Formula -if bottle feeding: If you are bottle feeding pick up a formula holder and pack enough for three feedings. Keep pre-measured water in the baby bottles.

Burp Cloths: For mopping up spit-up, to protecting your own clothes – pack a couple of clean burp cloths, together with a zip-lock or wet bag to contain the soiled cloths.

Diaper Rash Cream, Thermometer, Teething Gel: Make sure to also throw in any medication your baby is taking.

Swaddle Blanket and Extra Socks: Babies are unable to regulate their own temperature, so keep a swaddle blanket and extra socks handy. If you live in a sunny climate, be sure to throw in sun hat.

Snacks: For older babies keep a zip-lock baggie of snacks, or purchase a snack container with separate sections. Fill with your baby’s favorite nibbles such as cheerios, rice biscuits and other snacks baby can hold independently.

Favorite Toy: Whether it’s a soft toy, or something that makes noise, pack you child’s favorite toy to help keep them occupied and feel comforted.

Pack a Car Bag: The secret to carrying less is to keep a well-stocked bag that stays in the car. Containing extra outfits, diapers, wipes, snacks, a first aid kit, blankets and toys, pick one day a week where you go through the bag and refill anything you have taken out.


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