Oreo Aims to Make 2022 Sweeter With Two New Flavors!



Source: OREONabisco

Oreo is on a mission to make everyone’s 2022 a little sweeter by rolling out not just one, but two delicious new flavors!

According to People, the much-loved cookie company will be satiating the nation’s sweet tooth courtesy of a limited-edition Ultimate Chocolate Flavor Creme Oreo and a Toffee Crunch Flavor Creme Oreo, which will become a permanent member of the Oreo family.

People reports Toffee Crunch Oreo will feature toffee creme and sugar crystals sandwiched between Oreo’s chocolate cookies.

Oreo’s Ultimate Chocolate cookie will feature three different layers of creme – white, milk, and dark chocolate – all encased between delicious chocolate cookies – perfect for the chocoholic in the family!

Oreo fans can expect the new flavors to roll out beginning January 3, 2022.