Mom runs active shooter drill to prep her 5-year-old for kindergarten



Its back-to-school season, and one mom on TikTok is running her child through active shooter drills to prepare.Cassie Walton shared a video that shows her young son Weston with a Spider-Man backpack. “A call over the intercom says ‘this is not a drill, everybody go in the corner and be really quiet and still’,” Walton says to him. “What do you do?”The boy goes to the corner and sits. “Now show me how you use your bulletproof backpack,” she says. He holds it up and tucks his head and torso behind it.She gave him another prompt. “If your teacher says, Weston, you dont need your backpack, lets get in the corner?”“I say ‘no, I need it, its bulletproof’,” he responds.Another prompt echoes a scenario from the May mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, in which 19 students and two teachers were killed. “If the police are outside the door but the shooter is in your room, and they call out, is anybody in there?, what do you do?”“I say, Im here,” he begins, and Walton cuts him off. “Absolutely not. You dont say a word.”