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Meghan King Edmonds Shares Wedding Ring Free Selfie

Source: Instagram

Amid allegations her husband, baseball great Jim Edmonds, was unfaithful Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan King Edmonds shared a selfie minus the massive pear-shaped engagement ring she normally sports.

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I’m sad. I’ve written about it in my blog.

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In a blog post following Jim’s cheating scandal, Meghan revealed, “my wedding ring symbolizes fraud.”

Last week a website published a series of intimate conversations Jim Edmonds allegedly had with a woman under the name of “Baseball Madame.”

According to Us Weekly, the former St. Louis Cardinal revealed he had an inappropriate conversation with a woman following a “lapse in judgement” but nothing physical ever happened.

Meghan King Edmonds shared her anguish in a blog post following the revelations, revealing of her husband, “”I called Jimmy and he confessed to me that he had exchanged lewd photos with this woman over the course of several months and a physical relationship never existed.”

“Do I believe him?” the reality star shared. “I don’t know. Because I don’t trust him anymore. Physical or not, he still had an affair and he admits this to me.”

“I don’t care about my stupid massive house, I don’t care about my new car, I don’t care about my diamonds,” the busy mom of three wrote. “What does any of that mean when I can’t have the most basic needs met? It means nothing. Smoke and mirrors. How can one person decide to utterly ruin me? It’s not fair.”


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