McDonald’s Bringing Back Iconic Happy Meal Toys



Source: McDonald’s

McDonald’s is giving grownups the chance to revisit their childhood by bringing back some of the most iconic Happy Meal toys from the past four decades.

The nostalgic marketing effort is in celebration of the fast-food giant’s 40th Happy Meal anniversary, with McDonald’s bringing back everything from Beanie Babies to Hello Kitty and Power Rangers.

“Parents tell us how fondly they recall their favorite toys,” Colin Mitchell, McDonald’s senior vice president of global marketing, said in a press release. “So, unboxing the Surprise Happy Meal together creates a real moment of bonding with their children. We hope these toys are something that they will treasure and remember.”

The first Happy Meal debuted in June 1979 and was called a Circus Wagon Happy Meal. Since then the kid-friendly meal box has evolved from spinning toys and erasers to popular pop culture toys that often coincide with movie releases.

The ‘blast-from-the-past’ Happy Meals will run from November 7th through November 11th with each box including one of the fifteen following nostalgic toys:

Cowboy McNugget: 1988
Fireman McNugget: 1988
Mail Carrier McNugget: 1988
Hamburger Changeable: 1989
Grimace: 1990
Dino Happy Meal Box Changeable: 1991
McDonald’s Hot Wheels Thunderbird (Mattel): 1993
Hamburglar: 1995
Power Rangers (Hasbro): 1995
Space Jam Bugs Bunny (Warner Brothers): 1996
Patti the Platypus (Ty Beanie Baby): 1997
Tamagotchi (Bandai): 1998
My Little Pony (Hasbro): 1998
Furby (Hasbro): 1999
Hello Kitty (Sanrio): 2013