Looking to DeClutter for 2017 – Follow This 1 Month Plan



Source: Pinterest

If decluttering is big on your list for 2017, but you have no clue where to start, why not try the 1 month decluttering plan.

Starting January 1 toss out one item. On January 2 toss out 2 items. January 3 you will toss out 3 items and so this pattern continues through January 31 when you will toss out 31 items. All together you will have decluttered 496 items!
Source: Pinterest

To make it easier set up three large bins somewhere in your home and label them ‘Donate,’ ‘Sell’ and ‘Trash.’ As you work your way through the month place your items in the appropriate boxes.

Just remember for the rest of the year – one item comes in the house = one item goes out of the house – to help keep your home clutter free!