Last Crumb Launching ‘$12,000 Cookie Collection’ On April Fool’s Day



Last Crumb
Luxury cookie brand Last Crumb, the so-called Rolex of cookies, says it is launching the Twelve Thousand Dollar Collection, available to order for one day only — on April Fool’s Day.
Despite the highly suspicious April 1 drop date and 24-hour availability, Last Crumb is already known for the most expensive cookies in the world, so a Twelve Thousand Dollar Collection, if real, would probably attract buyers.
The Los Angeles brand says the collection will feature 12 micro-batch masterpieces created by Head Baker to go above and beyond the pinnacle of flavor and peak of decadence. The $12,000 collection is described as a culinary concentration of the absolute finest confectionery creations that mankind, at this point, has ever known.
The Los Angeles brand’s decadent cookies are often given as gifts — luxury gifts. Most of their cookie collections, including their Core Collection and Spring Riot Collection, sell for $90 per half dozen or $140 per dozen.
As for the Twelve Thousand Dollar Collection, Last Crumb isn’t revealing what flavors might be included.
Per Head Bakers clear instructions, we cannot tell you whats inside the box, a product description reads.
What we can tell you is that this collection goes beyond your wildest imagination, shattering the boundaries of flavor and taste. Comprised of twelve expertly handcrafted, small batch, Michelin-quality cookies, baked with the damn finest ingredients we could source, the description continues.
Were already known as the most expensive cookies in the world. With this launch, were solidifying our status as the MOST most expensive cookies in the world. We think you’re worth it. But you need to believe it, too.
TMX contributed to this article.