Kendall Jenner’s Stalker Gains Access to her Pool

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Kendall Jenner is dealing with yet another stalker and this one was actually able to gain access to her pool.

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The supermodel and KUWTK star moved into what she believed would be an ultra-secure mansion in a gated community once owned by Charlie Sheen, after dealing with prior stalking incidents at her former residences.

According to the Daily News, sources revealed her latest stalker, 37-year-old John Ford, was able to gain access to her private pool area by hiking through the rugged mountainside that surrounds the luxury enclave. He was spotted but managed to get away, only to return on Tuesday by somehow getting around the security gates and finding his way to Kendall’s front porch.

According to the Daily News, Ford was apprehended on Tuesday and placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold.

According to TMZ, the gated community is installing new fences and adding more security along the mountain borders.