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Joy Bauer’s Five Rules to Get Healthier From Home

Source: NBCToday

With swimsuit season right on our doorstep, TODAY show contributor Joy Bauer has five rules to help us all get healthier while still social distancing at home.

Bauer, whose new book, Super Food! 150 Recipes for Eternal Youth, is available now, streamed in for a virtual interview from her kitchen with Hoda and Jenna on the TODAY show.

When it comes to creating the best healthy version of ourselves while at home, Bauer has five rules:

Close the Kitchen!

With so many of us working from home, Bauer suggests setting up our office space away from the kitchen in a separate room, to minimize the urge to snack. “When the kitchen’s closed, the kitchen is closed!” Bauer shared, telling Hoda and Jenna we should only eat when the kitchen is open.

Plan Meals Shop for Deals

Right now many of us are trying to minimize trips to the grocery store and even cooking at home more than we used to. To help with this, Bauer recommends coming up with a meal plan and shopping for deals. She then suggests hitting the grocery store with an organized list. This will save you both time and money.

Do a Deep Freeze

Bauer suggests doubling up recipes when cooking so you have an extra meal to pop in the freezer. According to Bauer, you can freeze extra whole grain bread, avocado, hummus, garlic cloves, cooked pasta and rice, peeled bananas, broth, stock, wine, and chopped herbs. Making sure our deep freeze is well-stocked with healthy foods means we are less likely to reach for unhealthy junk food when we are too tired to cook.

Step it Up

Not surprisingly Bauer urges us to get moving and suggests something simple – walking. Bauer told Jenna and Hoda we should walk for 30 minutes each day, whether it’s around the house, outside, or in front of the television. “Walking can enhance our immune system and provide a much-needed mood boost,” Bauer shared.

Stay Hydrated

Lastly, Bauer recommends drinking half your weight in water (ounces) every day. For example, if you weigh 150lbs, Bauer suggests drinking 75 ounces of water per day. This will help keep you hydrated, aid digestion, and may even help tame your appetite.


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