Housework Challenged? Check Out These 7 Things to Clean Everyday

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Are you housework challenged? Unsure what needs to be cleaned every day? Fortunately, Good Housekeeping have you covered.

The magazine has compiled a list of 7 things that should be cleaned every day – so grab your rubber gloves and get cleaning!

Hand Towels

According to Good Housekeeping, hand towels should definitely be cleaned every day. Why? In a USDA funded study, the humble dish towel was found to be the most contaminated spot in the kitchen. Ewww. Keep a stash of dish towels on hand and replace daily to keep germs and bacteria at bay.

Shower Walls

Keep mildew away from shower walls and grout by drying them off after you shower each day. According to Good Housekeeping, this is as simple as running a squeegee over the tiles to cut down on cleaning time later on.

Kitchen Counters

It goes without saying that keeping kitchen counters disinfected and wiped down every day can help keep harmful germs and bacteria at a minimum. Good Housekeeping also advise not to use the same wipe for different surfaces to avoid cross-contamination.

Coffee Makers
According to Good Housekeeping, a coffee maker can be a hotbed for bacteria and mold and should be cleaned daily. All removable components can be washed with soap and water and don’t forget to wipe down the outside and the burner plate.

Kitchen Sinks

The steps to cleaning a kitchen sink are pretty simple and it should be cleaned daily. Good Housekeeping suggest wiping first with an eraser-type sponge before filling the sink with warm water and a tablespoon of bleach to sanitize for five minutes. After draining, give the sink a good rinse and let air-dry.

Dirty Dishes

A sinkful of dirty dishes is a welcome sign for bugs. It also makes washing the dishes that much harder if they are allowed to sit around. Good Housekeeping suggest hand washing any dishes, or putting them in the dishwasher before heading to bed for the night.

Crumb-Covered Floors

According to Good Housekeeping, crumb-covered floors can attract bugs, so make sure to give kitchen and dining floors a quick sweep before bed, or throughout the day.