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Holiday Tipping Etiquette – What You Need To Know

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It’s that time of the year where we thank those who have provided a regular service to us throughout the year – babysitters, hairdressers, delivery people and nail techs among others.

So just what is appropriate as a note of appreciation? Etiquette experts recommend working within your budget first and foremost. Homemade gifts are always appreciated (if done properly), but if time or creativity are limited store-bought gifts, gift-cards and cash (if allowed) are the way to go.
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If you are stuck on just what, or how much to tip this holiday season we have compiled a list to make thanking that special service provider so much easier.

United States Postal Worker: Love your mailman, or woman? Tokens of appreciation are always welcome by your postal worker, but the post office have strict guidelines on just what their workers can, or cannot receive. The USPS states workers can receive snacks, beverages, or perishable gifts that are not part of a meal. They can also receive small gifts that are no more than $20 in value. If you are gifting a gift basket, or perishable goods item that is clearly worth more than $20 they have to share with the entire branch. USPS workers are not allowed to receive checks, cash, or gift cards.

Teacher: Small gift with a card from your child.

Nail Technician, Hairdresser, Beauty Technician: Depending on how well you tip after each service, etiquette experts recommend either cash, or a gift card equaling the cost of one visit to be split between those who normally work on you.

Garbage Collector: Cash, or gift. Check your local government website for any prohibited gifts. Approximate value of $10.

Babysitter: Cash, or gift equaling amount normally paid for one evening of babysitting.

Newspaper Delivery: Cash, or gift equaling $10 – $20.

Dog Groomer: Cash, or gift equaling cost of normal grooming session.

Yard Crew, Pool Crew, or Handyman: Cash, or gift equaling $10 – $50 depending on regularity of service.

Personal Trainer: Cash, or gift equaling cost of one training session.

Remember to accompany your tip with a card thanking your service provider for their work throughout the year.


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