Guy Fieri Launches Flavortown Sauces Line, Hitting Stores In March



Flavortown Sauces
Celebrity chef Guy Fieri on Wednesday announced his new Flavortown Sauces line will be hitting grocery stores nationwide next month.
The Flavortown Sauces line is launching with nine condiments and BBQ sauces, including Fieri’s Famous Donkey Sauce, so named because if you don’t dig this creamy, garlicky, flavor-bombed aioli, you’re probably a jacka$$!
When it comes to saucin’ it up in your home kitchen or out at the grill, I’m a firm believer in the old adage, ‘Go Big or Go Home!’ So, I’m stoked to be launching my Flavortown Sauces nationwide, nine real deal flavors to help you sauce like a boss, the Emmy-winning TV chef and restaurateur said in a statement.
From old faithfuls like Smokin’ Hickory BBQ and Honey Mustard Sauce to new schoolers like Poppin’ Jalapeno Sauce and of course, I finally had to bring my famous Donkey Sauce to the shelf, Fieri said. Big, real deal flavor comin’ soon to a store near you!
Other sauces in the lineup include Top Secret Sauce, a creamy aioli with chili powder, subtle mustard, and garlic flavors; Kickin’ Chipotle Sauce, which combines smokey chipotle with chili and other spices; Carolina Style BBQ Sauce; Mop Sauce BBQ Sauce; and Money Honey BBQ Sauce.
There are several varieties of BBQ sauce for grill masters to choose from, and all the sauces can be layered onto brisket sandwiches, ribs, burgers, chicken, salmon or shrimp kebabs for an extra kick of flavor.
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