Grocery Shopping Tips During the COVID-19 Pandemic



Source: AFP via Getty Images

With most states under “stay at home” mandates there is one necessary trip we all need to make – a grocery haul.

As we learn more and more about how contagious the coronavirus is, it’s important to take safety measures when heading out to the grocery store.

From face masks to washing produce, make sure to follow these top tips when doing your weekly shop.

Opt for a Delivery Service – the best way to avoid exposure to COVID-19 is to have your groceries delivered via a service such as Instacart. Having trouble reserving a slot? Try using the curbside pick-up service if your favorite grocery store has it.

Shop Alone – leave the kids, or your partner at home and head to the grocery store solo if you are able to.

Minimize What You Carry – opt to leave your purse at home and just throw your credit card and keys in your pocket. The same goes for a cell phone. Leave it in the car and don’t touch it until you have disinfected your hands.

Wear a Face Mask – the CDC now recommends we wear a non-surgical face mask when out in public. However, they urge this should not stop us from also practicing social distancing.

Sanitize Your Hands – use a hand sanitizer before heading into the store and once you have left the store.

Bring Your Own Wipes – grocery stores are being pretty good about disinfecting shopping carts, but it doesn’t hurt to also bring your own disinfecting wipe to clean cart handles.

Shop Once a Week or Less – limit the amount of time you spend in grocery stores by doing one big shop per week – or longer if you can. Stock up on non-perishable pantry items so you don’t need to be grocery shopping as often.

Shop Early or Late – try to plan your shopping expedition when the store firsts open, or right before closing to avoid crowds. Limit the amount of time you spend inside the store. It may be helpful to shop at a store you are familiar with, so you can quickly grab the items on your shopping list.

Opt for Contactless Payment – contactless payment, such as Apple Pay, is the safest option right now. Avoid cash and if you must use a credit card make sure you sanitize it once you get home.

Wash Hands – as soon as you get home, make sure to wash your hands with soap and hot water.

Wipe Down Your Groceries – before you bring your groceries inside the house, sanitize your haul with disinfecting wipes. Fruits and veggies should also be given a thorough wash before being placed in the fridge.

Change Your Clothes – some experts recommend changing out of any clothes you have worn out in public and placing in the washing machine. Shoes should also be kept outside of the house and not worn indoors.