Grandma Keeps Promise to Invite Stranger for Thanksgiving Dinner



Source: Tom Tingle/The Republic

Remember the story about the Arizona grandma who accidentally texted a stranger to ask if they were coming for Thanksgiving dinner? Well she upheld her promise!

A few weeks ago, Wanda Dench thought she was inviting her grandson via text for Thanksgiving dinner. Unknowingly Wanda had texted the wrong phone number and sent the invite to a teenager named Jamal Hinton.

Hinton thought the text was from his own grandmother, so the two sent texts back and forth about what time to get together for dinner, only to realize after a few texts Dench had the wrong number. But when Hinton asked if the invitation still stood, Dench said he was welcome to come for Thanksgiving dinner, saying, “That’s what grandmas do…we feed people.”

True to her word, when Thanksgiving rolled around Dench’s offer still stood and Hinton – a complete stranger – was welcomed around the family table with a hug and a huge plate of food.

17-year-old Jamal posted a picture to social media and Dench’s act of kindness has gone viral.