Could You Survive Without a Smartphone for a Whole Year?



Source: Vitamin Water
We are a nation dependent on our smartphones – from texting to scrolling through social media, checking emails to getting directions, the days of the flip-phone are long gone as our smartphones keep us plugged into the World Wide Web 24/7. So, could you live without your smartphone for a whole year? One company is betting you can’t, and for one lucky intrepid participant picked to tackle the challenge they’re willing to pay out handsomely.
Vitaminwater have launched a challenge for 2019 with an award of $100,000 going to the person who can live without their smartphone for 12 whole months.
To enter one must, ironically, head over to social media and share on either Twitter or Instagram why you’re up for the challenge using the hashtags #nophoneforayear and #contest.
The company will then pick one participant who will trade out their smartphone for a 2000’s era “dumbphone” which only allows them to call, or text using a numerical keypad. If they survive for 6 months Vitaminwater will pay them $10,000 and if they go a whole year without using a smartphone they will get $100,000.
The company haven’t divulged completely how they will monitor the competition, but have said lie detector tests will be involved.
Feel like disconnecting from your smartphone? The entry period starts December 11 and runs through January 8th 2019. You are allowed to enter up to four times and entrants must be 18-years or older.
Not surprisingly the challenge is already trending on Twitter, with many users revealing they feel addicted to their phones and would welcome a break from the constant distractions smartphones provide.