Celebrity wellness coach: Hormone therapy could boost your sex life and ease anxiety



Source: Dr. Matt Chalmers
Hormone therapy can improve a person’s life in a variety of ways, from how they feel and function throughout the day to how they perform in the bedroom, according to a wellness expert. Dr. Matt Chalmers, who specializes in longterm wellness, nutrition and holistic healing for a clientele that includes professional athletes, politicians, celebrities and business executives, spoke to Lifestylogy about the reasons his patients turn to this type of therapy and how, if monitored properly, they can become stronger physically and mentally. “Hormone therapy is replacing the body’s communication system. Hormones are used to tell the body to do things, like rebuild muscle, rebuild tone, make energy, and things of that nature. Without hormones the body’s systems start breaking down and you feel old and tired,” Dr. Chalmers says of the treatment that is typically administered by injections or oral medications. He reveals the people who would benefit most from hormone therapy are those who suffer from anxiety and depression, energy and fat loss, a low sex drive or sexual function, and osteoporosis, a disease which affects a person’s bone mass and density. Therapy cycles can start as low as $150 a month and can exceed $1,000 in the same period of time, Dr. Chalmers says, “depending on who is doing it and what the goals are.” However, the Dallas-based wellness professional stressed that feeling lethargic or uninterested in activities for long periods of time doesn’t necessarily mean this type of treatment is right for everyone, and the best way for patients to make a determination is through blood testing. “Often due to the gradual decrease in hormone levels over time it is hard to notice the changes, so often times you have to do a blood test to see it. Depending on your goals and your medical history, the medications needed and therapy options will be different,” Dr. Chalmers explains. Dr. Chalmers reassures that any side effects and risks associated with hormone therapy are “very low” in cases where medical professionals are monitoring it properly. “If it is not monitored properly you can see increased facial or body hair growth, male pattern baldness, acne, blood pressure issues, heart attack and stroke,” he cautioned. The amounts of hormone therapy administered to patients varies based on gender, according to Dr. Chalmers. He explained that women “need a lot less than men do.” “There are medications men can use that women can not. Plus, the normal hormone range for women is too low so you need to make sure you work with someone who understands the best ranges.” While the reasoning behind this type of therapy differs for everybody, Dr. Chalmers has seen his patients’ lives flourish after administration. Improvements can be seen not only during mundane tasks but in the more intimate moments, too. “Probably the largest unknown benefit is the help with anxiety and depression. The other unknown is that just like fixing erection issues in men, it will restore blood flow and nerve function to the clitoris allowing for stronger and more frequent orgasms in women,” he says. To follow more about Dr. Chalmers’ journey in the health and wellness field, tune into his weekly podcast “Wellness Insights” on all podcast platforms or find more information at www.ChalmersWellness.com.