Burning Man attendees duke it out in Thunderdome in Black Rock City, NV



Burning Man 2022 has come to a close, after returning to Nevadas Black Rock Desert for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic began.nnThe festival was marked by sandstorms, a heat wave, and at the end, an immense, 15-lane traffic jam, but before that some 80,000 Burners had fun.nnA video shared by Sandy Dompkosky shows participants fighting at the Death Guild Thunderdome, a themed camp first established at Burning Man in 1999. The camp, originally inspired by San Franciscos goth nightclub Death Guild and the post-apocalyptic “Mad Max” films, includes a large geodesic dome for hosting fights.nnThe Thunderdome arena includes bungee harnesses in which fighters are suspended from the top. They battle it out with foam bats as they swing from the dome.nnIn the video, the fighters swing toward each other and strike each other with their bats before theyre pushed apart again. Swinging together again, one fighter grabs hold of the other and attempts some midair wrestling.nnMasses of spectators, dressed to theme, can be seen around the dome. Some climb the bars to get a better view, and and can be heard cheering loudly.nnThe Death Guild Thunderdome, a regular feature at Burning Man, can also be found at Wasteland Weekend in Californias Mojave Desert, as well as outdoor shows like Knotfest in Burbank and Ghost Ship Halloween in San Francisco.