Bruno Mars Donates $1 Million to Flint Water Crisis



Source: Bruno Mars

Singer Bruno Mars has donated $1 million to help residents in Flint, Michigan who have been affected by the water crisis.

God bless you Michigan!

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Bruno made the announcement during a concert in Auburn Hills, Michigan. He later issued a statement regarding his donation saying, “I’m very thankful to the Michigan audience for joining me in supporting this cause. Ongoing challenges remain years later for Flint residents, and it’s important that we don’t forget our brothers and sisters affected by this disaster. As people, especially Americans, we need to stand together to make sure something like this never happens in any community ever again.”

Bruno joins other celebrities including Cher, Puff Daddy and Eminem who have all donated money to help with the crisis, which began back in 2014 when the Flint water supply was switched from the Detroit river to the Flint river in order to save money. The water was then shown to contain high levels of lead and bacteria, after residents noticed a distinct change in the color and taste of the water. The switch led to an outbreak of Legionnaires disease, which left 12 people dead and numerous others affected by the disease.