Britney Spears Celebrates End of Conservatorship With Champagne



Source: Reuters
After 13 years of being controlled by a conservatorship, pop star Britney Spears finally got to celebrate her freedom, revealing she commemorated the occasion with a glass of champagne.
“What an amazing weekend,” Spears told her 36.3 million Instagram followers. “I felt like I was on cloud 9 the whole time. I actually got my first glass of champagne at the most beautiful restaurant I’ve ever seen last night!!!”
“I’m celebrating my freedom and my B day for the next two months,” Spear said after a Los Angeles judge ended her conservatorship of estate and person. “I mean after 13 years … I think I’ve waited long ENOUGH!!!”
Spears went on to thank her lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, whom she said, “truly turned my life around.”
“What a sight seeing so many people celebrating my victory,” Spears added. “I love my fans so much…so thank you!!!!”