Avocado Toast About to Become a Lot More Expensive



Source: California Avocado Commission
It’s the treat that has been a huge hit among millennials both for health reasons and budget reasons, but avocado toast is about to become a lot more expensive. Thanks to a long drought and heatwave, followed by heavy rains and an unseasonably warm winter, the California avocado crop isn’t looking as bountiful as normal. Sadly for consumers that means prices are set to rise, with some reports predicting the cost of an avocado could triple by Labor Day!
The California Avocado Commission says this year’s crop is almost half of last years. Additionally, Mexico had a low bearing year for avocados.
The combination of a low crop season, together with the surge in popularity of avocados thanks to the avocado toast craze, will all lead to much higher prices for the food item at grocery stores across the country.