America’s Most Popular Antidepressant is in Short Supply



Source: iStock

The coronavirus pandemic has caused supplies of America’s most popular antidepressant, Zoloft, to dwindle due to the anxiety many Americans are currently experiencing.

According to Insider, the FDA said that Zoloft, or the generic sertraline, is in short supply because of increased demand, with Bloomberg reporting a record-setting 4.9 million people obtained Zoloft prescriptions in March, making the antidepressant a hot commodity.

Zoloft is used to treat depression, PTSD and other mental illnesses, by increasing the amount of serotonin.

Insider reports “sertraline producer Accord Healthcare says it is dealing with a shortage because it does not have enough of the drug’s active pharmaceutical ingredients to create it. Without those ingredients, sertraline cannot be manufactured. Both Lupin Ltd and Pfizer, the manufacturer of name-brand Zoloft, also said that some of its products were going to be in short supply.”