The Savings Plan Taking Pinterest by Storm


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If 2017 has you looking to save more money you may want to head on over to Pinterest and check out the much pinned ‘52 Weeks Savings Plan.’

If the thought of saving money seems overwhelming, the 52 Weeks Plan lays the steps out for you and by the end of 2017 you will have amassed a whopping $1378.
Source: Pinterst

Each week for 2017 is numbered 1 – 52. For each week you will save the dollar amount corresponding to that week’s number. For example week 1 – January 1st – 7th – you will add $1. For week 52 – the last week in December – you will add $52.

The savings plan is completely customizable. If Christmas has you strapped for cash you can always start off the beginning of the year with week 52 and end the year with week 1. By flipping the weeks you will also be taking advantage of your new year’s resolution enthusiasm, which can wane out as time goes on.