Shannen Doherty Shares First Grueling Day of Radiation

Source: Getty Images

Actress Shannen Doherty, who is battling breast cancer, took to social media to share her first grueling day of radiation.

Posting on Instagram, the former Beverly Hills 90210 star revealed she is still “fighting like a girl” in her battle against the disease.

“First day of radiation,” the 45-year-old wrote. “I look like I’m about to make a run for it which is accurate. Radiation is frightening to me. Something about not being to see the laser, see the treatment and having this machine moving around you just scares me.”

Sharing a picture of herself wearing a hospital gown, with a blanket draped over her legs, Shannen confided, “I’m sure I’ll get used to it but right now…I hate it.”

It’s been a year and a half since Doherty publicly revealed she had breast cancer. She underwent a mastectomy in May and in August she revealed during a sit-down interview with ET’s Jennifer Peros the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes.

Shannen told ET that beside her during the cancer fight is her mother, best friend, and her husband of five years, Kurt Iswarienko.