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Meet the Newest Instagram Trend – Wax Nose Jobs!

Source: Instagram

Instagram models love to put their best face forward, or in this case their best nose!

In the world of carefully crafted Instagram pictures, there is a new makeup craze taking over social media with some models giving themselves a temporary nose job made out of wax.

Cosmopolitan and Fox News both recently reported this new trend originated with Instagram models in Asia before making its way around the globe and has quickly become quite the craze.

“You can change the shape of anything on your face, like the nose, brow bone, chin, etc., using a wax like Ben Nye Nose & Scar Wax,” professional makeup artist Lottie told Cosmopolitan. “It will take practice – it’s not super difficult – you just use a tiny amount of wax at a time, roll it into a ball or a skinny, snake-like strip – depending on where you’re placing it – and then press it onto your skin to form the shape you want.”

“Once the shape is right, you can smoothly blend the edges into your skin using your fingers and some water, or vaseline,” Lottie revealed.

According to Fox News, a slew of Instagram models are sharing videos of themselves removing not only their makeup, but also their fake wax noses!


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