Love-Struck Prince Harry Makes Major Detour to Visit Girlfriend


Source: Splash News

Love-struck Prince Harry made a major detour on his way home from Barbados to London. After representing the UK and Queen Elizabeth at the 50th anniversary of Barbados’ independence from Great Britain, Prince Harry diverted to Canada to visit girlfriend, Meghan Markle, instead of heading straight home.

A source confirmed to ET that the royal prince spent some time with Meghan in Toronto before heading home after his two week tour of the Caribbean, adding, “Harry has been traveling and wanted to make time to see Meghan. They wanted their time together to be private.”

The Suits actress caught attention of fans when she stepped out wearing a tiny gold necklace containing the initials “M” and “H” – one could guess standing for Meghan and Harry!

According to People magazine, wearing coded jewelry is a part of their relationship and the couple regularly wear matching beading bracelets.