Lady Gaga and Prince William Talk Mental Health via FaceTime

Source: Twitter

It’s a topic both are passionate about, so it’s no wonder Lady Gaga and Prince William have united to talk about lessening the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

In the clip, which was streamed live on the royal family’s Facebook page, the pop star and the Prince spoke about his mental health foundation, Heads Together, and her role as a mental health advocate.

Prince William commended Gaga on her recent open-letter, which documented her struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder, saying, “I read your open letter you wrote the other day and I thought it was incredibly moving and very brave of you to write down such personal feelings.”

Gaga admitted doing so was difficult, but revealed, “There’s a lot of shame attached to mental illness. You feel like there’s something wrong with you.”

And it looks as though we will see more of Lady Gaga and the royal family uniting to bring mental health issues into the open with William inviting Gaga to meet up with him in the UK later this year.