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Jeff Foxworthy Pays for Stranger’s Groceries

Source: Twitter via Jeff Foxworthy

Shopping a her local Publix grocery store in Johns Creek, Georgia, mother-of-three, Robin McFadden, never expected to have her groceries paid for by a famous comedian!

At the checkout with her three children, McFadden told WSFA 12 News, she was “checking out her items and sorting through her coupons and managing her restless kids” while trying to figure out how she would pay for the short-fall.

Unbeknownst to McFadden, Jeff Foxworthy, the comic known for his “you may be a redneck if…” jokes, stood behind her and asked the clerk, “how much is she short?”

Foxworthy then proceeded to pay for all of McFadden’s groceries.

McFadden revealed to WSFA 12 News, she was “on the verge of tears and gave him a big hug.” She even managed to snap a picture with the generous comedian.



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