Ingenious Plastic Supply Caddy Hacks

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With all school supplies on sale right now for the back to school season, why not pick up a couple of extra plastic storage, or shower caddies. They may be marketed to house pencils, pens and other homework necessities, but the humble plastic caddy can be a whole lot more to help keep your life organized. Choose either a plastic pencil caddy, or a shower caddy to follow these budget friendly hacks.

Car Cleaning Supplies
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Keep car cleaning supplies corralled in a plastic caddy to make car cleaning a breeze.

Family Movie Night Fun
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What’s a family movie night without popcorn, snacks and a drink! Make family movie nights fun by providing each family member with their own plastic caddy. Place a drink, candy and popcorn holder in each section for an easy, mess-free movie experience.

Fast Food Drive-thru
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With our busy back to school schedules, most parents at some point during the week find themselves hitting the drive-thru. Instead of handing each kid their burger, fries and drink separately – where invariably messes end up on the seats and floor of your car – place everyone’s order into a plastic caddy. Kids can balance it on their knees, whilst keeping messes contained in the caddy. This method also works great for road trips.

Baby Food Station
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Feeding baby can include a whole lot of mess, so keep a plastic caddy loaded with things you will need to make feeding your tot easy and organized. From plastic spoons, to bibs, burp cloths, wipes and jarred food, a plastic caddy can also be prepared in advance so that grandparents and other babysitters are prepared for feeding time.

Cleaning Supplies
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Pick up a few plastic caddies and create cleaning supply holders organized by task. Use one caddy for bathroom cleaning, one for dusting and one for the kitchen etc.

Road Trip Fun
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Heading out on a road trip with bored kids? Give each child a plastic caddy and fill it with toys, books and games to keep little minds preoccupied. Older kids can also use a plastic caddy to keep their electronic devices and cords organized for long car rides.

Store Feminine Products
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Store feminine products neatly so that each month you can whip out your caddy and see what supplies you are running low on before disaster strikes!