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Head Cold Woes? Try This Eucalyptus Shower Trick

Source: Pinterest

Head colds, flu, allergies – sniffles seem to be everywhere this time of year, but there is one trick you can use at home that doesn’t cost a lot of money and actually helps transform your bathroom into a mini spa!

Eucalyptus showers are taking Pinterest by storm. But just what is a eucalyptus shower and how can it help ease cold symptoms?

The eucalyptus plant contains anti-inflammatory properties that can help with a number of respiratory symptoms by opening up the airways in your nose and throat. Best of all, when combined with a hot steamy shower the scent of the eucalyptus intensifies and stuffy nostrils are instantly relieved.

Eucalyptus can be found at craft stores and grocery stores, including Trader Joe’s. Simply grab yourself a small bunch and tie together with twine. Then affix as close as possible to your shower head making sure to position it behind the running water – or tie it to your shower curtain close to the shower head.

The benefits will last a good week to ten days before you will need to switch out your eucalyptus bunch.

It’s worth remembering that while eucalyptus can be great for us its leaves are toxic for cats and dogs to consume, so keep your eucalyptus away from your household pets.


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