Frenchman Aiming to Cross Atlantic Ocean in a Barrel

Source: AFP

A 71-year-old Frenchman is attempting to complete a transatlantic crossing in nothing more than an orange capsule.
Source: AFP

Jean-Jacques Savin, a former pilot and military paratrooper, took off from the Canary Islands and is hoping to make it to the Caribbean within three months.

Savin’s home for his journey will be a reinforced orange capsule, providing just 65 square feet of living space. Complete with a sleeping bunk, kitchen, a tiny porthole, and storage, the capsule will rely solely on ocean currents to propel it across the Atlantic Ocean.

According to the AFP, Mr. Savin will drop markers along the way to help oceanographers study Atlantic currents.

“For the time being my capsule is behaving very, very well and I’ve got favorable winds until Sunday,” Savin told the AFP via telephone.

Savin, who is documenting his journey via Facebook, has made sure to pack a delicious supply of foie gras and wine to help him through the voyage.