Ed Sheeran’s Surprise Hospital Visit


Source: Ben Watts

Ed Sheeran popped into a UK hospital this week to pay a surprise visit to a young fan.

Nine-year-old, Melody Driscoll, suffers from a number of medical problems, including a rare neurological disease. The brave little girl has been in and out of hospitals since birth and is a huge fan of the British singer-songwriter.
Source: PA

In a Telegraph article, Melody’s mom revealed, “Melody was in hospital for 562 days and in that time, every time she got in pain, we would have to put Ed Sheeran on to help her through the pain episode. It was the only thing we could do to make her smile.”

Melody’s mom, along with the help of Croydon Police in the UK, asked the rock star to visit Melody in hospital.
Source: Southwest News Service

Sheeran serenaded Melody with a bedside concert of his hits “Thinking out Loud” and “Photograph” – and even strummed Melody’s own toy guitar.

“I literally owe him my life,” Melody’s mother told The Telegraph. “He doesn’t realize how much he’s done for her.”