7 Things You Should NEVER Discuss on a First Date


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You’ve heard the tale of the terrible first date and maybe you’ve been on one yourself. Steer clear of these conversation topics and you could do yourself a favor by avoiding a first-date disaster.

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Avoid questions and conversation about political topics. Discussions about personal political views are considered taboo during your first meet-and-greet. It can lead to an emotionally charged debate and a horrible first-date experience.

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Questions like, “Do you believe in God,” should wait until after the first date. These topics can be viewed as too personal and should wait until after your initial encounter. Stick to more informal topics when getting to know someone.

Baby Talk
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Talk of how many children you want as part of your dinner conversation is too soon for your first get-together.

Your Ex
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This may be an obvious one, but you’d be surprised how many of us break this simple rule. Plain and simple, don’t bring up your ex! If your past relationship ended on a sour note, you don’t want to bring up any conversation that can lead to negativity.

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Never ask your date, “How much money do you make?” Not only is it inappropriate, it will make you look shallow and have your date questioning your intentions.

Bedroom Talk
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Avoid talking about your sexual preferences in the bedroom. If you would like more than a fling with the person sitting across from you, leave out the sex talk.

Sexual History
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Asking someone how many sexual partners he or she’s had on a first date is never a good way to start a first date.